Stains & Cleaners

Stains & Cleaners

Hardwood and softwood require routine maintenance for their beauty. Sealer and stains keep your floors and furniture looking brand new.

Cleaner & Wood Prep

Find the right cleaner, brightener or wood prep solution before staining your deck or in order to remove dirt.


Remove stains or dirt from concrete with a variety of concrete cleaners designed to provide long-lasting protection and beauty.

Exotic Hardwoods

Get beautiful coloring and exceptional tones with stains and cleaners that are specifically formulated to penetrate exotic hardwoods.

Exterior Wood

Outdoor wooden furniture and decks require protection from weather and regular staining to maintain their beautiful coloring.

Interior Wood

Indoor wooden furniture and home interiors may also require the occasional cleaning or stain. Get products specifically formulated for interior wood.


Decks, boats, cabins or other wooden structures that come in contact with harsh weather conditions require specially formulated stains and oils.


Projects that require the use of wood or concrete should be sealed and regularly cleaned in order to maintain its appearance and promote a long useful life.