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Penofin Deck Stain & Penetrating Oil

Penofin hardwood oil finish penetrates wood to create a strong, flexible, moisture and mildew resistant surface. With Penofin stain, you are sure to get a rich, high grade finish in a variety of colors to match any style.

Order By Surface

Ordering the right Penofin Oil is as easy as knowing what type of surface you are applying it to. Whether you have cedar, hardwood, pressure treated wood, composite or redwood, simply choose your surface and see which Penofin products are recommended.

Order By Label

Penofin users know they can protect their exterior wood and interior wood surfaces for years to come. With plenty of varieties to choose from, including Penofin Verde, Penofin is easy to apply and maintain. When applied according to directions, you will never need to strip or stain again!

Order by Size

For any project, big or small, you can order Penofin deck stain in quart, gallon and five gallon sizes.