Screws by Drive Type

Screws by Drive Type

Screws can be turned into place using a variety of drive types such as hex, Phillips, star and more. Select the best screw drive type from quality brands to get the job done right.


Screws with a hex drive are commonly used in construction and machinery. Find hex head screws and bolts from top brands like FastenMaster, Screw Products and OZCO.


Phillips drive screws are popular due to their many uses. FastenMaster, Sure Drive and Screw Products offer high-quality Phillips screws for projects.


Heavy-duty spider drive screws perfect for wood applications. FastenMaster HeadLok and LedgerLok screws have spider drives perfect for structural wood constructions.


Star drive screws are for decks, log homes, kitchen cabinets, docks, roofing and other various projects. Shop star drive screws from Screw Products, DeckWise, Sure Drive, and Starborn.